Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals

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Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals

It’s time to hurry up. You have a limited time to take advantage of the Unbounce Cyber Monday Deal. With an annual subscription purchase, you can save maximum money on any plan.

Actual Price: From 80/mo to 300/mo
Black Friday Deal: $64/mo to $240/mo
Unbounce Black Friday Discount: 20% Off
Amount Saved: $16/mo to $60/mo
Unbounce Black Friday deal valid till: 3 December

How to Grab Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals

Step 1: Click on this Special Link to visit the Offer Page Of Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) Deal.

Step 2: Now, choose any option to go for the free plan or an annual subscription you want to go with.

Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals 2022: Get Started For Free
Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals Get Started For Free

Step 3:You’ll be asked to sign up with your name, email id, company name, and password.

Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals 2022 Free Forever
Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals Free Forever

Step 4: Fill in the details so that the AI knows what you want or expect from it. When finished, click on FINISH.

Fill the details
Fill the details

Step 5: You’ll be directed to the dashboard. Try it out for free and satisfy yourself. Go to SETTINGS at the bottom left corner.

Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals 2022: Dashboard
Unbounce Smart Copy Black Friday Deals Dashboard

Step 6: Select which plan you want to go for.

Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals 2022 Pricing Plan
Snazzy AI Black Friday Deals Pricing Plan

Step 7: Complete your payment to finish your order. That’s all.

Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals 2022: Fill in the credit ccard details
Smart Copy Black Friday Deals: Fill in the credit ccard details

Congratulations, you have successfully availed of the most significant discount on the Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy).

Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) Pricing Plans


Free content generation for one project.
No credit card required
  • 40 Credits/Month
  • 1 Profile
  • 3-Day Trial on Writer
  • 45+ Templates
  • 30+ Languages
  • Chrome Extension
  • Desktop Ap
  • Support
  • Community


Just enough credits to get your job done.
SPECIAL OFFER $19/month   $9/month
  • 200 Credits/Month
  • 3 Profiles
  • 45+ Templates
  • 30+ Languages
  • Chrome Extension
  • Desktop App
  • Priority Support
  • Community


All the content you’ll ever need is now within your budget.
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Writer
  • SEO Analysis (Coming soon)
  • Priority Support
  • Community
  • 45+ Templates
  • 30+ Languages
  • Chrome Extension
  • Desktop App

Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) Features

Smart Copy Writes Where You Type – Your company, website, or blog will benefit from a custom, high-quality, engaging copy that you can easily and quickly create with Smart Copy. You can use Smart Copy across your favorite tools with the web app, desktop app, and Chrome extension.

Unlimited Copywriting – You can write hundred of words together at one time. Smart Copy’s Writer is a self-writing page. No joke. You can get started with minimal input of keywords. It takes seconds to generate whole stories, paragraphs, and sentences.

End Writer’s Block – A few minutes are all it takes to write an article or a blog post, an email, or even a poem with minimal input. Copywriting will become easier with Writer.

Write Smart – Streamline your writing process without sacrificing quality. With Smart Copy AI, you will be able to write any kind of content on a variety of topics with expert-evel proficiency.

Productivity Boost – By streamlining your writing process, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most: creating great content and focusing on promotion.

No More Blank Pages – Smart Copy is one tool with limitless applications. With over 45 templates to choose from, Smart Copy is your one-stop shop for all your content creation needs. Are you in need of copywriting services? How about emails? Using taglines? How would you describe products? You can use their templates for that.

Create Ad Copy in Minutes – With templates like the Google Ads Generator and Facebook Primary Text Creator, you can create ads from scratch without worrying about word count and layout.

Generate Catchy Taglines – The perfect slogan is no longer a matter of hemming and hawing. Using the Tagline Generator, you can create a captivating tagline within seconds.

Create Ai Copy On-The-Fly Across Your Favorite Tools – From your browser, you can create a well-written copy in seconds. Smart Copy Chrome Extension helps you write, rewrite, summarize, and expand copy on any page. Whether it’s in your email, document, or even on a website, you can use the extension. 

Power your desktop with Smart Copy – Do you use Word, Slack, Photoshop, or another desktop application? Using our desktop app and shortcut, you can expand, remix, or write the Next Sentence from any app. 

Make Your Landing Pages Stand Out – Using the Landing Page Copy Generator, you can create variants with limitless copy variations.

All this and more – There’s more to this iceberg tip than meets the eye. All your marketing needs can be met with Smart Copy’s library of 45+ templates. (Yup, it’ll even to brainstorm ideas for TikTok videos and other viral content.)

Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) Pros and Cons

Smart Copy Pros

  • It’s very user-friendly
  • AI software automates the heavy lifting
  • Creating content takes minutes instead of hours
  • The tools are easy to learn how to use
  • The free option gives you access to all features
  • Payment plans are affordable
  • Email templates are pretty fantastic

Smart Copy Cons

  • The website templates are not the best
  • The writing feature isn’t advisable to use for SEO-driven content creators
  • The brand templates are underwhelming
  • Snazzy AI doesn’t pay attention to content optimization

Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy)  Black Friday Deals: FAQs

Is Snazzy AI and Unbounce Smart Copy the same or different products?

Snazzy AI has now been taken over and merged with Unbounce. It is now known as Unbounce Smart Copy or Smart Copy.

What is Unbounce Smart Copy?

Smart Copy is the Unbounce AI copywriting assistant that writes, remixes, and expands content for over 30 use cases almost instantly—personalized to meet your audience and brand needs.

Is Smart Copy free?

Yes, Smart Copy offers a free plan. Learn more about Smart Copy pricing. Their freemium plan is great. Their templates and tools are instantly available to you once you join. To generate content, you will have 5 credits per day. Upgrade to a paid plan if you want to create unlimited content.

How does AI copywriting work? 

Based on a set of information, AI copywriters automatically generate copy. A variety of types of copy can be generated, from long-form blog posts to social media captions.

What does Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) do?

With Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy), users can create creative content in minutes for their brands. Real-time creation of Google Ads, landing pages, and taglines is possible with the solution. Automating the creation of landing pages, the time-consuming process can be completed in three simple steps.

What are they doing to generate this content?

Thank you for asking! A combination of proprietary machine learning and GPT-3 is used by them.

What are the requirements for signing up?

All you have to do is provide is a valid and active email address. No credit card is required, and there is no trial period. There is no expiration date on their free plans.

What are credits?

Every time you click the “Create” button, you will use a credit. On the Unlimited plan, we do not have any credits. It’s up to you how much you want to create!

Is it possible to cancel at any time?

Yes, of course! You can cancel your account by going to your account settings and clicking “Modify Account” and then on “Cancel”.

Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) : Summary

So here’s the moment of truth!

Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) is great for content creators looking for the fastest way to create content.

The tool analyzes your data quickly and generates content in seconds. 

This tool does not optimize content, so it cannot be used solely for content creation. Your site’s SEO could be negatively affected by using this content.

Using this tool to create blog content is not recommended. To build content, you can use or, which uses competitive analysis and keyword research. 

The final verdict is: Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) scores 90%

Sign up for Snazzy AI (Unbounce – Smart Copy) here if you’d like to try it out for yourself.

Snazzy AI (Unbounce - Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals
Snazzy AI (Unbounce Smart Copy) Black Friday Deals 2022

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