Vs. WP Engine: Detailed Comparison, Who Is The winner?

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The most common search on Google is versus WP Engine because people are confused between the two and are not sure which one of the two is better.

Obviously, both and WP Engine offer excellent hosting services, and all businesses want the best hosting support.

It is obvious that you are also confused, which is why you are here. No worries!

This detailed comparison will clear up any confusion between and WP Engine by looking at this detailed comparison. and WP Engine Facts is a new hosting company in the market developed in 2020.

Despite being new to the market, Rocket Managed WordPress Hosting is touted as an “all-in-one managed WordPress hosting platform” by website developers.

It provides Cloudflare enterprise plans absolutely FREE. With Cloudflare CDN, your entire site is deployed and cached in over 200 locations with security tools built-in.

WP Engine, on the other hand, is regarded by many as the best WordPress hosting service. Founded in 2003, it offers high customer service and innovative technology.

WP Engine is the first choice of more than 120,000 customers around the world for their WordPress hosting requirements. vs. WP Engine: Comparison Based on Features

Faster Page Speed provides Cloudflare edge servers to improve your page speed.

WP Engine partners with companies like Google Cloud, Cloudflare, AWS, and many others to provide the best hosting service to you.

They both can load your page almost at the same time and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Although they differ by a very small amount, is a little bit faster than WP Engine.

So, here the winner is


Online businesses need backups more than anything else.

With this in mind, both WP Engine and offer daily backups.

As an added bonus, also provides 14 days of backup retention as well as on-demand backups.

Thus, wins if we consider this factor.

Cloudflare Enterprise Plan

Both companies offer Cloudflare Enterprise plans to their premium customers.

Therefore, you can benefit from Cloudflare Enterprise without spending a dime extra. A Cloudflare CDN, Caching, and a Cloudflare WAF are also included in the benefits.

The WP Engine incorporates fully-managed CDN, HTTP/2 equipped servers, cutting-edge PHP, and its caching system, Everchche.

Therefore, both are winners if you compare these factors.

Control Panel

There is no cPanel at or WP Engine. Each of these services uses its own control panel.

Although both control panels are very easy to use,’s control panel is more intuitive than WP Engine’s. is without a doubt the winner.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money is a concern for some people. Consequently, both and Wp Engine offer money-back guarantees of 30 days.

In the event that you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can request a refund within thirty days.

There is a tie betwixt the two hostings in this aspect.


If you intend to keep your website secure from the malicious tools and threats lurking online, you ought to secure its security and safety.

There is no requirement to worry about SSL certificates since both and WP Engine offer free certificates.

In addition, they prevent hacks, malware, and DDoS attacks from hitting your website.

Again, there is no losers here. Both are winners here.

Customer Support

As both companies have knowledgeable customer service staff, both provide excellent customer support.

WP Engine provides 24×7 customer support via live chat and phone calls, but they do not offer phone support for their starter plan.

On the contrary, provides customer support via live chat, phone calls, and emails 365 days a year.

Phone call assistance is absent in the starter and pro plan of

So contemplating all these things, both are equal and winners. vs. WP Engine: Comparison Based on Plan and Pricing (Similarities and Differences)


The hosting plans offered by and WP Engine are suitable for personal, business, and enterprise use.

In both cases, billing plans are available monthly or annually.

Plan prices start at around $30 for each of them.

With both and WP Engine, you will get two months free if you purchase an annual subscription.


In contrast to WP Engine, the premium plans of are less expensive.

WP Engine only provides 25000 people visits with its starter plan, which is another big difference between them. As a comparison,’s starter plan provides 250000 monthly visits, which is ten times more than WP Engine’s. has another interesting offer. Whenever you sign up for a plan, you have to pay only $1 as the first month’s fees. This means you can save over $199 on its Agency plan for the first month.

Thus, has been chosen as the winner. vs. WP Engine: Summary – Who Is The winner?

Our goal has been to provide you with a detailed comparison of and WP Engine.

Here is a comparison between and WP Engine, which I hope will help you to choose the right hosting solution.

The above factors make superior and a safer bet against WP Engine.

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