Vs. Bluehost: Detailed Comparison

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A wide variety of hosting providers are available on the market. Many of them provide excellent services. Although everyone has some pros and cons, we all know that perfection by anyone is yet to be achieved.

Therefore, choosing the best for us may be quite difficult.

Among the most popular hosting companies, and Bluehost are among the top choices.

This vs. Bluehost comparison can help you determine which one is best for your business.

Bluehost and What Are They?

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and is now one of the most reliable and affordable web hosting companies.

From shared hosting to WordPress hosting to website builders, Bluehost offers a range of products and services for creating a website or online store. 

They offer affordable hosting packages that come with some great features.

Free daily, weekly, and monthly backups, free global CDN, and free SSL certificates all round out the features.

Additionally, it provides a platform that is scalable and optimized for speed and security., an up-and-coming player in the market, was launched in 2020 A few months ago, it became popular, competing with giants such as Kinsta and WordPress. uses a highly tuned Cloudflare Enterprise configuration on its premium accounts.

You would get all Cloudflare Enterprise features for free if you subscribe to Caching, image optimization, minification, and Cloudflare WAF are some of the benefits offered by Cloudflare.

With Rocket, you can enjoy the best and most affordable managed WordPress hosting on the market. is a hosting provider that provides everything you need to host your WordPress website. vs. Bluehost: Comparison Based on Features

1. Page Speed Optimisation

Both and Bluehost provide one of the fastest page loading features for your website. Both companies guarantee 99.9% uptime.

A primary difference between and Bluehost is that the latter uses Cloudflare’s edge servers. Consequently,’s page speed is faster.

So the winner is

2. Backups

There is an automated backup feature on both and Bluehost.

Its on-demand backup feature is what makes unique. Bluehost does not offer on-demand backups.

Additionally, keeps backups for 14 days.

It’s that wins here without a doubt.

3. FREE Cloudflare Enterprise Plan 

As part of’s subscription plans, Cloudflare Enterprise is used. You can use all features of the Cloudflare Enterprise plan for free.

Additionally, Bluehost provides Cloudflare CDN for free with its managed hosting plans.

Bluehost allows you to host a maximum of five websites because its higher plan only provides hosting for five websites.

Compared to, their higher plan allows you to host 25 websites.

Bluehost allows 50000 monthly visitors on all of its plans. However, allows 250000 visits per month with its Starter plan.

So, wins when all this is taken into account.

4. Control Panel

Hosting control panels are vastly different between the two.

Bluehost manages its services through cPanel., however, uses its own control panel instead of cPanel.’s control panel is very easy to use.

So, the winner is

5. Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back-guarantee is offered by both Bluehost and

So here is the tie.

6. Security

For premium accounts with or Bluehost, SSL certificates are free.

So both are winners.

7. Customer Support

Both companies offer excellent customer service. provides 24/7 customer service through phone, live chat, and email.

Bluehost does not offer email support. The company offers telephone and live chat support 24*7.

Due to that, the winner is vs. Bluehost: Comparison on Plan and Pricing

You can choose between plans from and Bluehost depending on your budget and needs. There are plans for individuals, businesses, and enterprise-level companies.

You can choose between a monthly and a yearly plan at

A Bluehost hosting plan can range from a month to a year, three months to six months to three years.

Approximately $30 per month is the starting price for both plans.

However, Bluehost’s premium plans are cheaper than’s.

During a triennial, Bluehost’s starter plan is only $14.95. Nearly half of the price will be saved.

The number of visits to per month is higher than the number of visits to Bluehost.

Among its plans, Bluehost provides about 50000 monthly visits, but provides about 250000 monthly visits. The difference between the two is staggering.

In this case, price is not the only issue. There are other important factors to consider, such as speed, security, and ease of use.

Accordingly, wins in terms of monthly visits. vs. Bluehost: Summary

The information we provided about and Bluehost was as accurate as possible.

You may now have a better understanding of vs. Bluehost after reading our comparison. 

It is up to you to choose the right option for you. After reviewing the above, I choose rather than Bluehost.

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