Perfmatters Black Friday Deal: Get 30% Discount Offer

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Perfmatters Black Friday Deal: Get a 30% Discount Offer

Perfmatters Black Friday deal is the right choice if you want to reduce your website’s load time & bounce rate with just a few clicks. WordPress performance plugin Perfmatters is lightweight.

This year, Perfmatters Black Friday Deal will be from 16 November to 1 December, allowing you to save up to 30% on all of the plans it offers.

Being lightweight, this plugin speeds up your WordPress site. Low loading speed results in higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates for websites. You should focus more on improving the speed of your website.

Brian Jackson and his brother Brett invented or introduced Perfmatters. Perfmatters’ goal or mission involves shrinking your page size and reducing the number of HTTP requests generated by your pages.

The plugins from their team are lightweight, compact, and packed with excellent features. 

Perfmatters Black Friday Discounts

Perfmatters offers three different licenses that suit you.

Now 30% discount on perf matters unlimited site licenses in black Friday deal.

Perfmatters PlansPerfmatters Regular PricePerfmatters Black Friday DealPerfmatters Updates & SupportPerfmatters Buying Link
Personal $24.95$17.461 year BUY NOW
Business $54.95$38.461 yearBUY NOW
Unlimited Sites$124.95$87.461 year (supports multisite installation)BUY NOW

How to Activate Perfmatters Black Friday Sale

Step 1: Click this link to be taken to the Perfmatters deals page.

Step 2: Select the plan that suits your needs from the pricing tab and click the buy now button. There are three different plans, which mostly depend on how many sites you have.

Step 3: Enter the coupon code to receive the 10% discount. The coupon code is “BLACKFRIDAY.”

Step 4: Next, fill out your details. Complete the final payment using your credit card and fill in your details.

Step 5: Now, you can purchase your Perfmatters plugin plan.

Perfmatters is now yours at the best-discounted price.

Detail of Black Friday Sale for Perfmatters Plugin.

There are three different license plans available in Perfmatters.

1. One site –Personal

  • Suitable For: Individual bloggers
  • Support & Updates: 1-year premium
  • Regular Price: $24.95
  • Black Friday Discount Price: $17.46
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

2. 3 Sites-Business

  • Suitable For: Business owners managing up to 3 sites
  • Support & Updates: 1-year premium
  • Regular Price: $54.95
  • Black Friday Discount Price: $38.46
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

3. Unlimited site

  • Suitable For: Website Designers, freelancers, and agencies that manage multiple websites
  • Support & Updates: 1-year premium (This version supports multisite installation)
  • Regular Price: $124.95
  • Black Friday Discount Price: $87.46
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Reason to Buy Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Increases your blog speed

It works by reducing HTTP requests, code, loading, and stripping out back-end activities to increase website performance.

Lightweight coded

It is clean code and is under 50kb. It does not contain any JavaScript on the front end. The plugin speeds up your site by disabling things that may not be needed.

Money-back guarantee

Perfmatters offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Developers provide technical support. The support staff has over 14 years of experience in working with WordPress. In case of any problems, you can ask the Perfmatters plugin for support.

Toggle setting available with one click

Everything is a one-click toggle. In addition, there is a handy tooltip next to each one that links to our knowledge-base article on optimization. That way, you can simply learn more about what it does and why you might want to disable/enable it.

Multisite support

Perfmatters supports WordPress multisite setups. It helps the user to easily push the Perfmatters to plug into your client’s sub-sites. First, you need to install the Perfmatters plugin and activate it.

FAQs On Perfmatters Black Friday Deals

1. What is Perfmatters?

Using Perfmatters, you can increase the performance of your WordPress website. The plugin is simple in design but loaded with powerful features.

2. How much discount will I receive on Black Friday?

For this sale, you will receive a 10% discount on an unlimited site plan.

3. How do you get Perfmatters Plugin Black Friday deals?

This link will take you to the black Friday deals page, where you can apply a coupon code to get maximum discounts. “BLACKFRIDAY” is the coupon code.

4. How many plans are in the Perfmatters plugin?

Perfmatters plugin comes with three pricing options: Personal, Business, and Unlimited site license.

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal Conclusion

Do not miss out on the opportunity to purchase this highly powerful plugin at such a cheap price. It is built on the power of simplicity.

It increases website speed without involving caching, so it is a unique plugin. With Perfmatters and the caching plugin installed side by side, your website will be more powerful.

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