Novashare Black Friday Deals 2021 | 30% Off on Regular Pricing


Good news for all! Novashare Black Friday Deals are LIVE!

  • Discount: 30% Off on Regular Pricing
  • Valid From: 27 November 2021
  • Valid Till: 2 December 2021

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Novashare Black Friday Deals 2020

Subscription PlanRegular PricingDiscountBlack Friday Deal
1 Site – Personal$29.95$20.96GRAB THE DEAL
3 Sites – Business$69.95$48.96GRAB THE DEAL
Unlimited Sites$149.95$104.96GRAB THE DEAL

Novashare Pricing Details

1 Site – Personal

  • Suitable for: Individual Bloggers
  • Updates & Support: 1 Year
  • Price: $29.95
  • Discounted Price: $20.96

3 Site – Business

  • Suitable for: Business Owners who run up to 3 sites
  • Updates & Support: 1 Year
  • Price: $69.95
  • Discounted Price: $48.96

Unlimited Sites

  • Suitable for: Website designers, agencies, people with more than three sites
  • Updates & Support: 1 Year (This version comes with multisite support)
  • Price: $149.95
  • Discounted Price: $104.96

Additionally, Novashare renders a 30-day money-back guarantee on new buys. Furthermore, you’ll get a 15% renewal discount on all pricing plans.

How to Activate Novashare Black Friday Discount?

Heed the directions given below to activate Novashare Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale offers.

Step 1: First, click here and proceed to the Novashare Black Friday offer page.

Step 2: Tap on the “Buy Now” button.

Step 3: Determine an appropriate Novashare plan and hit on the “Buy It Now” button.

Step 4: You will proceed to the Checkout page by default. Observe the order details, insert the discount coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY,” and click on the “Apply” button. You’ll earn a 30% prompt discount on your cart price.

Step 5: Choose the payment method carefully. Presently, Novashare approves credit cards and PayPal payments only. Enter your details for the billing info.

Step 6: Re-examine your order, tick on the button agree to the Novashare terms and privacy policy, and click on the BUY button to conclude your purchase. 

Compliments! You’ve triumphantly seized the Novashare Black Friday discount deal. Novashare will post the purchase details to your registered email address.

Step 7: Now, you can log inside your account and download a copy of the Novashare WordPress plugin.

Step 8: Don’t forget to collect your license key. You’ll need to enter that to enjoy the facility of automatic updates. 

And you’re all done! You’ve seized the best social sharing plugin with a whopping 30% discount.

Why Should You Buy Novashare?


It is a fast and lightweight social sharing plugin for WordPress.

Social sharing plays a significant role in developing a royal web audience. it enables you to build traffic for your website while providing success to your online marketing campaigns at the same time.

So, it has become very vital to pursue social sharing in the world today.

Novashare is a remarkable social sharing application that easily permits you to share your website content on diverse social media sites.

It is absolutely lightweight yet highly efficient and does its job well for which it has been built.

This WordPress social sharing plugin is only 5 KB in size. Hence, it will never slow down your website.

Also, it comes with inline SVG icons as well as click to tweet box. Does it make sure to provide you with all the privileges to up your social sharing game wire you websites.

Features of Novashare

Being a top WordPress sharing plugin, it provides you with a plethora of excellent features.

You may ask me as to what all these features are. Well, we are listing down the top features of only for you. So take a look to understand what Novashare actually features.

1. Provides you with counts and share buttons

Adding sharing buttons to your website boosts your social visibility and increases website engagement.

You can append the share buttons on your blog post, eCommerce products, web pages, and custom post types with the Novashare plugin’s assistance.

In fact, with it you will receive share buttons for mentioned below.

Novashare Black Friday Deals 2020
Novashare Black Friday Deals 2020

So you can comfortably share your post or page on any social network of your choice. It also comes with a count button that displays the total number of shares of the specific post or page thereby assisting others to share.

2. It offers a simple and a user-friendly UI

Novashare Black Friday Deals
Buttons for Inline Content-Novashare Black Friday Deals

The UI (USER INTERFACE) of any plugin determines how user-friendly the application actually is for any website owner.

No one can learn a new and complicated user interface just for the sake of using it. Well, with this plugin, you will never have to fret about these things at all.

Novashare Black Friday Deals
Buttons For Floating Bar-Novashare Black Friday Deals

It certainly demands the advantage of the native WordPress styling. Hence, it makes Novashare UI very easy for you to use and fashion the social sharing options on your website without any problem.

3. Lightweight and fast loading

Definitely, it is one of the few things that it efficiently allows. It doesn’t run any script on the pages/posts you have not selected to run.

Instead, Novashare makes use of special SVG icons that are in line for stop does, it doesn’t use separate DNS lookups or additional libraries to load the sharing icons.

Novashare uses custom tables thus keeping your wp_options table light and breezy. Also, it also considers a special staggered approach to refresh the count rates, which further enhances your website’s performance.

Its file size is significantly less than 5 KB on the front dash, which further ensures maximum speed to your website.

4. Click to tweet block

Novashare also provides you with a special click to tweet blog you can append it anywhere in your post with a click.

Novashare provides you 3 different colors to choose from for the block theme and the ability to adjust the defaults ETA and CTA positions.

Additionally, you can also hide the URL and the username along with an alternative to hide the hashtags.

Novashare also appends your Twitter username to your tweets by default. In other words it presents you with complete efficiency when it comes to treating.

Novashare Black Friday Deals 2020
Novashare Black Friday Deals 2020

5. Pinterest image hover pins

The Novashare option who was over the images that you want to bring in your Pinterest so that you can easily save it to your Pinterest account without going there in actual.

6. Maximum responsiveness on all devices

Novashare is very crucial to make your social sharing buttons responsive across diverse platforms.

The audience now a days does not use specific device type to browse through our website.

While some use the desktop, many use their tablets or smartphones to serve through the net.

Does this is very important to make you social sharing buttons responsive across all devices and Novashare  allows you to precisely do it precisely.

You can additionaly configure the buttons as per your preference across different platforms and set breakpoints where you require to simply hide the shining option using this plugin.

7. Caters to your branding

Like every person has his own individuality every website has its own branding which serves as one of its major USP and Novashare respects that totally.

Hence, lower share allows you to customise its sharing buttons as for the branding of you website.

You can simply adjust the colour of the buttons along with its sizes with a few simple clicks to match your branding does it also permits you to present a perfectly tailored experience for your visitors which are entirely unique to your site.

8. It Offers link shortening and analytics

Novashare  bliss in simplicity while providing you with all extra data that you need.

Thus, it offers easy to use analytics as well as link shortening features. You can easily configured the UTM parameters to understand which social sharing site is driving more traffic towards your website.

More over Novashare allows you to simply shorten the URL without distracting them with one help of battery.

Also, you can also analyse the data from the shortened link in the bitly dashboard.

9. Provides multisite support

welcomer this is definitely one of the most important things Novashare offers. It caters to a multisite setup with is.

You can comfortably apply the settings from your primary site to your other sab size without any hassle.

Does, you will be able to address different social sharing needs of multiple websites without having to set up a separate account for the others.

Novashare Black Friday Deals: Pros and Cons of Novashare

Pros of Novashare

  • Lightweight, other plugin files were minimum 90kb per file.
  • Does not add a burden to your blog and slow it down.
  • Highly customisable.
  • Offers all popular social media networks.
  • GDPR-friendly, analytics and link shortening supported.

Cons of Novashare

  • Pricing is high, but the amount of facilities you are getting I think it is pretty much worth it.

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