Flywheel WordPress Hosting: Best Black Friday Deals, 4 Months Free On Any Shared Annual Subscription

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Flywheel WordPress Hosting: Best Black Friday Deals, 4 Months Free On Any Shared Annual Subscription

  • Deal: Flywheel Black Friday Deal
  • Offer: 4 months free on any shared annual subscription
  • Coupon Code: cyberweekend22
  • Dates Valid: November 01, 2022 – December 01, 2022
  • Restrictions Apply: Not valid on Tiny plans or monthly plans

If you’re in the industry for managed WordPress hosting, you’ve apparently come across the brand Flywheel.

Flywheel labels itself as: “Beautiful WordPress hosting & management which is built for designers and agencies.”

But what does that imply? And should you or shouldn’t you prefer Flywheel WordPress Hosting for your WordPress site?

In this column, I’ll review the general characteristics you’ll get with Flywheel hosting and some of Flywheel’s unusual features that assist you in saving time when growing WordPress websites.

Compared to many other WordPress hosts, Flywheel places a ton of effort into distinguishing itself, so you’ll need to check those features out.

At the conclusion of this post, I’ll compare Flywheel’s pricing with some other managed WordPress hosts and give you my advice for whether or not you should accept Flywheel WordPress hosting.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Features

Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals
Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals

The flywheel is a branded WordPress hosting, which implies you can anticipate several notable features that you won’t get with low-cost shared hosting plans:

Automated updates – Flywheel automatically updates the nucleus WordPress software for you.

Automated backups – Flywheel backs up and supports your site every single night. You can also inspect snapshots of every backup and restore a backup with just a few ticks. No extra backup plugin is required.

Effortless staging sites – In addition to remarkable other helpful development features that I’ll discuss about in the next section, Flywheel tenders it easy to create a platform version of your site.

Built-in Varnish caching– Flywheel utilizes server-side caching to instantly make your WordPress site load without a caching plugin requirement.

Complimentary SSL certificate – Flywheel allows a free Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate on all its plans. Installation takes just a few ticks.

WordPress-specific protection – Flywheel includes limited login attempts, IP blocking, Sucuri, and more to guarantee that your site is secure without a third-party security plugin requirement.

Free malware removal – If something does befall to your site, Flywheel will repair it for free.

10 separate data centres – Flywheel allows you to pick from 10 different data centers scattered across North America, Europe, and Asia so that you can determine a data center close to your visitors.

24/7 specialist WordPress assistance – Get guidance whenever you need it via phone, email, or live chat.

3+ Unique Features That Help Flywheel Stand Out From The Competition

As I mentioned to you initially, Flywheel brands itself as being “developed for designers and agencies”. That implies you get admittance to several unique features that you won’t obtain with other WordPress hosts.

Depending on your particular requirements, you may or may not take the benefit of every single one of these features. Some of the features are only really important if you are a designer or agency operating with clients.

Nevertheless, some of the unusual features are important no matter what.

The most distinguished of those features are…

Local by Flywheel – Secure Local WordPress Development Tool

Local by Flywheel is a WordPress local development device similar to XAMPP or WAMP. Unlike those tools, Local by Flywheel solely concentrates on WordPress development.

That implies you can instantly spin up a new local WordPress site employing your personal  PHP version, web server, and MySQL version:

Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals
Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals

You don’t require to be a Flywheel buyer to take support of Local by Flywheel.. The tool is accessible to all.

If you are a Flywheel client, you can utilize its Connect to Flywheel feature to automatically launch your WordPress site right from your local setting to your Flywheel server. Similarly, you can work in reverse and automatically generate a local development version of an current site on Flywheel’s servers.

While this is particularly helpful if you’re operating with clients, it’s also a huge time-saver if you require to do development work on your site(s).

Blueprints – Design New Sites With Pre-Defined Theme/Plugin Packages

The added unique feature that you receive with Flywheel is something called Blueprints.

A Blueprint is a pre-defined ensemble of themes and plugins. Once you build some Blueprints, you can utilize them as the grounds for quickly launching new WordPress sites.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals
Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals

For instance, you could build a “Blog Blueprint” that encompasses all the plugins every blog needs. Then, to start a new blog, you create a site from that Blueprint rather than manually installing each plugin every time you start a new blog.

Like Local by Flywheel, this assist in saving you time when creating WordPress sites.

Smooth Workflows For Teams And Clients

While the former two features are accessible even if you’re just a regular WordPress user, Flywheel’s team and client workflows are only effective if you’re operating an agency that works with clients.

These features incorporate elements like:

Organizations – Build an organization profile that incorporates your entire team and assists with project management.

Smooth Collaboration – Encourage other team members to manage projects without requiring to share passwords.

Billing Transfer – Quickly transfer billing for Flywheel to your client once you cease working on their site.

How Much Does Flywheel Hosting Cost?

For the specialties that it offers, Flywheel has aggressive pricing. Here are the three principal plans (the table below displays the monthly prices, but you get a free month if you spend annually):

Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals
Flywheel WordPress Hosting 2020: Best Black Friday Deals

While the TINY plan is an affordable way to get started, it lacks Flywheel’s more exceptional features. So if you desire all of the features that I explained above, you’ll require to choose the PERSONAL plan commencing at $30 per month.

How does that stack up to other managed WordPress hosts?

FlywheelKinstaWP EngineSiteGround GoGeekPressidium
Starts at$30$30$29$29.95$24.90
Monthly Visitors25,00020,00025,000100,00010,000

As you can see in the table above, Flywheel is definitely competitive with other best WordPress managed hosting providers.

Should You Choose Flywheel Hosting?

If you create WordPress websites for customers, I think Flywheel hosting is a great alternative. It has tons of individual features that will conserve you time and make your life more comfortable. Considerably yet, Flywheel supplies you those features at a competitive price.

If you’re a frequent WordPress user (i.e., you don’t create sites for clients), the choice is a bit more difficult. While some of Flywheel’s unusual features are still pretty much good, the managed WordPress hosting market at Flywheel’s worth limit just got a lot more aggressive.

Here’s why:

Kinsta, lately launched a new set of plans that begin at just $30 per month. Beforehand – Kinsta’s most economical plan was at $100/month.

Knowing everything now, you can host your site at Kinsta for the identical price as Flywheel’s PERSONAL plan, and based on my positive personal experience with Kinsta, I would suggest Kinsta as the first alternative if you’re a normal WordPress user searching for managed WordPress hosting at this price limit.

But that’s not to say that Flywheel isn’t genuine!

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