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FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal 2020

FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal IS LIVE!

  • Discount: 75% Off on Regular Pricing
  • Valid From: 27 November 2020
  • Valid Till: 2 December 2020

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Why FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal?

FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal 2020

One question that I keep getting whenever I ask someone to migrate to FlexiCloud is “Why should I move my sites to FlexiCloud Hosting from my present hosting provider?”

I have a lot of points in mind, but their expertise and knowledge come first.

Then proceeds the technologies that they connect in their hosting to provide their customers a great hosting experience.

FlexiCloud Features

FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal 2020

Linux only

FlexiCloud Hosting is a Linux-only hosting provider.  They are supporters of Linux and its security features.

All their servers are on varioFlexiCloud Linux variants, mostly CentOS or Ubuntu.

All their shared hosting services are in its own environment, which cannot communicate with other environments.

This guarantees that even if any theybsite or application is infected, you are at ZERO risk.

They also render a variety of other security features which makes their environment extremely secure – they will be discussing these later in this article.

They are Affordable

They are not a low-cost hosting provider, but they are affordable.

They provide a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee, you can sign up and try their services at zero risk.

cPanel based Hosting Provider

Their shared hosting platform is the most popular control panel – cPanel.

It is the most famous and very widely accepted control panel, which is not only easy but also quite powerful.

There are only a some things that you cannot do with cPanel. It’s quite versatile so that you can manage almost all of ytheir hosting through the control panel.

Things you can do With cPanel

  • Install WordPress or other content management system.
  • Set up email accounts, forwarder, and filters.
  • Set up MySQL databases and users, access PHPMyAdmin
  • Generate and download backups
  • install SSL certificates
  • Manage their files
  • Create other websites easily
  • Create FTP accounts easily
  • Manage their DNS
  • The ease of cPanel makes their hosting management an easy task.


Cloudlinux can be explained as a kernel patch which permits FlexiCloud to determine how much CPU and RAM any user can consume.

This guarantees that no website can take the entire server down, whereby increasing the stability of their servers – and their websites.

CloudLinux also arrives with a bunch of other features. For instance, CloudLinux has its own custom PHP which is very well hardened.

This is utilized in all the FlexiCloud Shared servers.

They also utilized its CageFS feature, which serves FlexiCloud to append each user to its own cage prevents the user from accepting other unallocated system binaries and all without permission.

KernelCare is another tool that they use. It is effective in deploying the kernel patches that come in frequently to their operating systems without a reboot.

Advanced hardware

All their servers come with Xeon processors, SSD drives with RAID and at-least 64 GB of ram. They will never jeopardize on the quality of the hardware that they use.

LiteSpeed Potheyred

LiteSpeed web server instead of Apache powers FlexiCloud. LiteSpeed comes with a handful of improvement, which additionally reduces your page load time, renders QUIC support, DDoS protection, HTTP/2 Support and a lot more.

It also supports .htaccess. So your developer does not require to find a htaccess rule converter to recover the corresponding rules.

FlexiCloud Hosting is one of India’s very rare cloud hosting companies that is rendering LiteSpeed hosting in all their plans.

LiteSpeed web server arrives with an inbuilt caching system for WordPress. It is known as Litespeed cache.

You can configure this plugin, which you can download from the cache and is supposed to be the best caching plugin in the business and is quite famous among the WP community.

AI-based firewall

They FlexiCloude an artificial intelligence backed firewall system, which checks the sanity of the IP before allowing it to the server.

The AI spider has its legs on all its installed servers and keeps looking for malicious activities from IPs.

If any malicious intent is detected, the IP is added to its black/greylist.

If the same IP tries to access a their in any other server, the intelligence will detect it, and ask it to verify a captcha before proceeding.

That way, they are able to cut down a lot of unwanted traffic entering their server.

This tool has helped FlexiCloud to become one of the most trusted managed cloud hosting providers.

Not only does it provide FlexiCloud with an inbound firewall, it has a decent malware detector, honey pot, and lot other cool features, including a WAF (their application firewall).

Free SSL certificate

Is your Hosting provider asking you money for a basic SSL certificate? Move to FlexiCloud Hosting; they provide free domain validation SSL certificates for all websites, inclusive of main and subdomains hosted with them.

It’s a COMODO or LetsEncrypt certificate that FlexiCloud are distributing for free.

The only qualification for the SSL is that the site should load from their server. You can switch your site to SSL within 24 hours after you have pointed the site to their servers.

Guaranteed Backups

They present 14 day guaranteed backups in case you need to restore your site to an older version.

However, they always recommend that you retain a backup of your own, to be safe from any unexpected problems with storage.

You can always download the backup from your cPanel at any time. This is necessary when you face an unforeseen issue with their website like a malware attack.

They can always revert to an older version of the site at any point of time.

Free Malware removal

While they manage their security very high, they have seen several sites getting hacked due to 2 reasons, there was a security lapse when they migrated to FlexiCloud. Or they haven’t updated their website with the latest updates and bequeathed it to be hacked.

For advanced plans, they render free malware removal for websites. They keep their servers secure and thus fewer websites get hacked.

However, if your website ever got hacked, you can always raise a ticket and they can fix it for you or try to restore to a recent backup that they have.

Softaculous App installer & Pricing

FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal 2020
FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal 2020

This is a 1-click installer for lots of open source applications.

You do not require to spend time installing them, instead, login to ytheir cPanel, navigate to softaculoFlexiCloud area and then install ytheir application that you need in a few mouse clicks.

To discover all the their applications that they support, check the softaculous area of your FlexiCloud cPanel.

This not only simplifies their on-boarding process, but it will additionally assist you to manage the installations from one single place.

Green Energy!

You understood it right, their servers use green energy. FlexiCloud Hosting is one of the rare hosting providers who is not wrecking the environment for its energy requirements.

Free Migration

They render free migration of ytheir theybsites to FlexiCloud Hosting!

If you have a membership or an ecommerce site, you will want to take down the site to a maintenance mode to ensure that there wont be any data loss.

You simply require to raise a ticket so that their support engineers can program a migration window and transfer your site to happiness.

Technical people, not salespeople.

They won’t upsell their products to you unless they consider it is necessary for your company.

If by chance you face any inconvenience then, you can interact with FlexiCloud team any time, and they will fix it quickly.

They work completely differently when you compare FlexiCloud with others in the indFlexiCloudtry.

Sometimes you may not hear from FlexiCloud at all unless there is a bill pending to be paid.

Their client’s recommendations speak for FlexiCloud. They have many clients who have migrated their sites from industry behemoths and are very contented with FlexiCloud.

They publish their word of happiness. In most cases, they’ll get extra intimation when their next billing cycle occurs when their site traffic grows to require an upgrade.

They guarantee you that you will acquire peace of mind by hosting with FlexiCloud – no spam calls to upsell FlexiCloud, no concerns about performance, and no obligation of unwanted cross-promotions.

30-day money back guarantee

Once you start hosting with FlexiCloud, you’ll observe the distinction and will never desire to leave FlexiCloud.

In the unfortunate instance in case you desire to return to your ex-hosting provider, you can always have your 100% money back within 30 days of your signup. All you require to do is just raise a ticket.

Free and Friendly support

They are friendly, and they are always enthusiastic to go the extra mile to help you fix any issues. Their clients speak for FlexiCloud!

Grab Black Friday Deals

FlexiCloud Black Friday Deal 2020