Cloudways Vs UpCloud – Which Is The Best High-Performance Hosting?

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Cloudways Vs UpCloud – Which Is The Best High-Performance Hosting?

Which hosting provider to choose for my business site Cloudways or UpCloud? Is this the question you are asking?

Quite well then! Being a user of both server services, I can compare these two hosting companies better so that you can choose the best Best High-Performance Hosting for your money-making website.

Is your website’s performance affected by the server on which it is hosted? Definitely, and with the right hosting server, it helps to offer good quality service to your audience in multiple aspects of your website.

It will be easier for your business website to rank higher on Google if you choose a reliable hosting company to perform better than your competition.

Higher search engine rankings can be achieved by considering either Cloudways or UpCloud hosting.

For that reason, I wrote this article. As both Cloudways and UpCloud are renowned hosting services worldwide, we’ll examine them in-depth below.

Follow me to the end and find out which hosting company can provide fantastic features!

Cloudways and UpCloud – A Quick Overview

There is no doubt that Cloudways and UpCloud, both hosting providers, are well known worldwide. When it comes to Cloudways, it is among the best hosting servers in the world. It is because of its exceptional quality service that users love it.

The platform offers a complete, easy-to-use, intuitive way to host your website. This platform allows you to quickly launch your website and apps to grow your business. There are affordable pricing plans, and no technical tasks are required. With the latest partnership of Cloudways + Astra Pro Theme (free) things are really beginning to look up, and now the sky is the limit.

The UpCloud web hosting service, on the other hand, is also popular. In 2012, it was established as a European cloud service. With its high-speed connections, fantastic uptime, and cost-effective plans, it has attracted countless businesses since then.

So let’s take a look at the rapid-fire comparison between Cloudways and UpCloud hosting!

cloudways vs upcloud comparison
cloudways vs upcloud comparison

While they are both great and work exceptionally well, they do have some cons as well.

While they offer excellent features, there are some disadvantages, and as a customer, you deserve to know about all the details before purchasing.

Let’s begin with what Cloudways and UpCloud have to offer.

Cloudways Hosting

  • Astra Pro theme is free for Cloudways’ existing and new users thanks to a partnership with Cloudways.
  • A PHP 7.3 server enhances the website’s performance.
  • You can effortlessly install a free SSL certificate in just a few steps.
  • Security is provided by two-step verification and automated backups.
  • CloudwaysCDN has an inbuilt CDN for fast content delivery, and yes, it is easy to set up.
  • Vertical scaling allows you to set the server size.
  • Beginners will appreciate the user-friendly interface.
  • The firewall system protects the website, so you don’t need to worry about security.
  • A SSD-based cloud provider is suitable for launching an eCommerce business website.
  • Subdomains can be launched here easily via SFTP access.
  • You will receive the highest discount offer by using the Cloudways promo code.

UpCloud Hosting

  • With UpCloud, users can install servers with their previous IP addresses.
  • It takes about 45 seconds to deploy a new cloud server.
  • The Metadata service automates the configuration after the server is deployed.
  • The eCommerce tools can be installed without any hassle by the users.
  • The cloud server will provide you with high performance and scalability without any upfront costs.
  • Servers can be tagged and members can be added to manage specific tasks.
  • The software comes with top-notch security features such as two-factor authentication, backup, firewall security, and more.

Cloudways Vs UpCloud – An in-depth comparison

Do you know some things we should not overlook when it comes to picking the best hosting server? 

These include overall performance, website speed, ease of use, and price packages. 

Scroll down the page and learn about these things, since they indicate the quality of the service.

1. Website Speed

In order to rank well, a website’s speed must be good since it shares users’ data with other sites (content, images, videos). In the event the web page loading speed is not good, users will not wait for minutes and will likely go to another site, which could negatively affect the website.

Cloudways Website Speed

In order to save your audience, you should have a fast loading speed, which is possible with an excellent hosting service. The average loading speed of a Cloudways website is 500 milliseconds. As a result of moving this blog to the high-frequency Vlutr server, it now loads lightning fast.

See how we perform in terms of speed! In addition to passing the core web vital assessments, we serve our readers fast pages. Cloudways’ fast servers allow us to rank well on search engines thanks to their high performance.

Cloudways Website Speed
Cloudways Website Speed

UpCloud Website Speed

Due to MaxIOPS block storage, we were surprised that UpCloud’s speed score was not as high as Cloudways’.

It is evident that I am not complaining about the performance of the speed! We have, however, been extremely impressed with Cloudways’ speed results. And with lightning speed and lightweiht Free Astra pro theme cloudways is by far a better choice. Server-side optimization needs to be improved.

Upload Website Speed
Upload Website Speed

In our speed tests, Cloudways loaded our long-term, content-heavy blog quickly; however, UpCloud did not, even for our smaller niche blog. Cloudways wins by a wide margin when it comes to speed.

2. Uptime Performance

As another ranking factor, uptime represents how long your website has been operational during a particular period. You should consider this because if your hosting company does not guarantee 100% uptime, then you may experience downtime. 

Cloudways Uptime Performance

Our uptime performance is assured by Cloudways Thunderstack feature. Due to the fact that the best PHP stack is installed on excellent cloud providers, your site will never go down at any time. Our high-frequency Vultr service has been in use for a few years, and before that, our premium server at DigitalOcean was used. As of now, we haven’t experienced any downtime frustrations.

Cloudways Uptime Performance
Cloudways Uptime Performance

UpCloud Uptime Performance

We had two downtime incidents that lasted for over an hour despite UpCloud’s 100% uptime SLA through its managed database clustered with automatic failover. As a result, our business has an unfavorable uptime of 99%.

Upcloud Uptime Performance
Upcloud Uptime Performance

It’s clear! We had 100% uptime from the Cloudways server; the same hasn’t happened from the UpCloud server. It was an annoying situation for us! If you want to buy the best cloud server with all-time availability, go with Cloudways hosting.

3. Ease Of Use

When purchasing a hosting subscription plan, ease of use is the most important factor to consider. You won’t be able to manage a good hosting service if it isn’t user-friendly, so it’s useless.

Cloudways Interface

Cloudways will ensure that you don’t have to worry about these problems. Direct settings preferences are available through the dashboard and C-panel. Learning the basics won’t take much of your time; you’ll save a lot of time that way. It’s easy to navigate the dashboard settings; they’re crystal clear and simple.

Cloudways Interface
Cloudways Interface

UpCloud Interface

There is no doubt that UpCloud is a terrific service and features, but it isn’t easy to use, especially if you’re a beginner. In the beginning, you may have difficulty using features and control panels since both are quite complicated. In the beginning, we found it difficult to use the Dashboard’s settings options. Here’s what UpCloud looks like!

Upcloud Interface
Upcloud Interface

On the basis of ease of use, Cloudways wins. Depending on your skill level, UpCloud may also be a good choice if you do not consider yourself a beginner. Before choosing between Cloudways and Upcloud, make sure you understand all features. Before choosing between Cloudways and Upcloud, make sure you understand all features.

4. Packages Pricing  

In most cases, a customer’s opinion of a product can be changed by its price. Not everyone can indeed afford to purchase expensive services.

It is for this reason that customers always choose the service that offers affordable packages and features.

Cloudways Pricing

As far as Cloudways is concerned, you don’t have to worry; it offers a variety of subscription plans that are cost-effective. Below, you can see the details of the packages starting at $10 and going up to $1035 per month.

There are different plans available with different bandwidths, RAMs, etc. Thus, you can choose whichever one suits you best. If you’re still confused, then you might want to consider the four main plans listed on the Cloudway website.

Cloudways Pricing Plan
Cloudways Pricing Plan


Additionally, UpCloud offers different plans, some offering 1GB RAM and some offering 8GB RAM. Depending on the package, UpCloud can cost anywhere from $5 to $640 per month.

Additionally, UpCloud’s packages are the same in quantity; the main differences are in price and features. Similarly to Cloudways, UpCloud also offers five main packages on its website.

Upcloud Pricing Plan
Upcloud Pricing Plan

You can opt for a variety of different packages at different prices from each of these companies. The cost and features of the packages can be customized based on your needs.

The cost of UpCloud is reasonable. The plan starts at $5 but offers the same primary features. Despite this, Cloudways is still a good company.

Cloudways is now offering Astra Pro Theme FREE for 1 year, which further adds to lowering your cost and making your site work with lightning speed.

This feature is not there in Upcloud, and you’ll have to shell money out for the theme.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Is the phrase “Customer is King” familiar to you? Not only is it a quote, but it is also a fact. Since gaining customers’ trust depends on their happiness, all big companies always consider customer satisfaction.

It’s pointless in paying for a service provider if they don’t treat you equally with others.

Check out how Cloudways and UpCloud rank in terms of customer satisfaction. Upon checking the online reviews, we found both companies had satisfied customers.

Online customer support is available 24/7 through social media, e-mails, and live calls on both Cloudways and UpCloud.

Videos and articles are also available to UpCloud customers for training.Videos and articles are also available to UpCloud customers for training.


Their customers are treated like kings; you can reach them through social media or websites.

Free trials are also offered by both companies. It’s best to try out the services for free if you’re using them for the first time.

There would have been a tie had it not been for the latest Cloudways and Astra Pro partnership, where the existing and new customers get Astra Pro Theme FREE for one year. Here Cloudways scores an extra point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many data centres does Cloudways Vs UpCloud have?

Cloudways wins the data center competition! You can choose from 60+ data centers based on your target audience. UpCloud, however, has a limited number of data centers.

What is the best Cloud hosting server for beginners, UpCloud or Cloudways?

In terms of services, both UpCloud and Cloudways are impressive. Their hosting services are the reason countless people choose them. Beginners should choose Cloudways because it offers an intuitive interface that makes working easier.

Does Cloudways work with WordPress?

The Cloudways hosting service is not only reliable, but also ideal for WordPress. In addition to being secure, this cloud hosting offers excellent performance, a high uptime, good page loading speed, and Cloudways CDN. Unlike UpCloud, this managed hosting offers one-click application deployment. Cloudways has now partnered with Premium wordpress theme Astra Pro, where the existing and new customers get Astra Pro Theme FREE for one year.

Which is more affordable, Cloudways or UpCloud?

There are many excellent features and services offered by Cloudways and UpCloud. There is, however, a difference in price between their plans. UpCloud’s packages start at $5, which is cheaper than Cloudways’, but Cloudways give you one year of free Astra Pro Premium theme, where the existing and new customers get Astra Pro Theme FREE for one year.

Summary: Which Hosting Should You Buy- Cloudways or UpCloud?

Choosing the right hosting platform is a time-consuming and challenging process. It would help if you didn’t delay it for a long time.

Good hosting companies offer security, backups, and, most importantly, good up-time.

According to Google, page experience will play a crucial role in ranking. All web pages are also evaluated based on their loading speed.

Rest assured, however, that you will get an idea of what Cloudways and UpCloud are all about.

Both are working exceptionally well, without a doubt. Cloudways wins in ease of use, while UpCloud wins in pricing.

While UpCloud wins in pricing, Cloudways wins in ease of use, giving you one year of free Astra Pro Premium theme, whereas the existing and new customers get Astra Pro Theme FREE for one year.

Both companies offer some similar features. For example, there is an incredible level of up-time and web page loading speed. Although it is difficult to choose between them, after researching them, we recommend Cloudways.

Fast loading speeds, great uptime, and top-of-the-line security make it the perfect web host.

Please understand that we are not suggesting that UpCloud is a bad service. As an alternative, it’s cheap and a great option for those who aren’t beginners.

Cloudways wins hands down in ease of use and one year Astra Pro Premium free WordPress theme, where the existing and new customers get Astra Pro Theme FREE for one year.

Be sure to consider your preferences before making a decision. Share your thoughts on Cloudways Vs Upcloud and which hosting you would prefer.

When you buy the fastest hosting, discounts are available when you use the Cloudways Coupon Code.

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Cloudways Vs UpCloud – Which Is The Best High-Performance Hosting?

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