Cloudways Vs GridPane – Which Is Best Hosting?

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Cloudways Vs GridPane – Which Is Best Hosting?

My business site needs managed hosting. Which is better: Cloudways hosting or GridPane hosting? Is this what you want to know?

What is the best one for optimal site performance and beating your business competitors?

If you’re looking for a detailed comparison between Cloudways and GridPane, you’ve come to the right place.

You are probably looking for a reliable hosting provider since you are planning to start an online business in the new year.

The decision that you made to select Cloudways or GridPane was a great one. I appreciate your choice.

My objective in this blog post is to help you choose a hosting provider by comparing their features.

Companies that provide hosting services keep their users in mind and provide quality services based on our needs.

In order to dominate well in search engine results, a dedicated business needs high-performance hosting.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting hosting for the first time or switching to a faster one that can handle more traffic.

Depending on your business goals, you’ll need to consider every factor. By comparing Cloudways and GridPane, you’ll find the best server for your needs.

Cloudways Vs GridPane – An Overview

In addition to focusing on quality and efficiency, Cloudways is a managed hosting provider. Servers, applications, and server maintenance are simple, fast, and maintained. As a result, you can solely concentrate on growing your business without having to worry about anything else.

Fast speed, excellent usability, and excellent support are some of the benefits of GridPane, an admin panel for hosting WordPress. GridPane is perfect for hosting multiple websites. This hosting is best suited for large companies, not for individuals.

You can select your infrastructure as a service from Cloudways and GridPane, which are two of the most significant hosting providers. According to this analysis, it can be determined that they have a few similarities. However, their pricing is the most notable difference between them.

Here’s a quick comparison between GridPane and Cloudways!

Cloudways Vs G – Quick Comparison

Cloudways Vs GridPane – Quick Comparison
Cloudways Vs GridPane – Quick Comparison

Cloudways Vs GridPane: Does GridPane Outperform Cloudways?

When you purchase Cloudways hosting for your business, you will benefit from the following features. Your choice will be between Cloudways and GridPane based on its results.

Take a quick look at the following features before starting with GridPane. The following reasons will convince you to choose GridPane over Cloudways.

Hosting Servers

You can load your website at high speeds with Cloudways’ ultra-fast and multiple servers. It also allows you to handle a large amount of traffic without slowing down. However, GridPane’s prices are high for such ideal features.

Packages Available

With Cloudways, you can select from a variety of plans with affordable monthly fees between $12 and $96. With its $12 pricing plan, you get all the necessary features. I’ll share later how much less expensive this is than GridPane.

Storage Space

In its $12 monthly plan, Cloudways offers 25GB of storage space and 1TB of bandwidth.In its $12 monthly plan, Cloudways offers 25GB of storage space and 1TB of bandwidth. Big data sites can be hosted on other plans with more storage space. The price and storage of all these packages are pretty competitive.

Other Notable Features

With the latest partnership of Cloudways + Astra Pro Theme (free) things are really beginning to look up, and now the sky is the limit. Astra Pro theme is free for Cloudways’ existing and new users thanks to a partnership with Cloudways.

Hosting Servers

A high-speed server is also available with GridPane, but it is more expensive than Cloudways. There is no reason to believe that Cloudways will face any issues when sending visitors. With a large number of visitors, GridPane slows down and fails to handle the load.

Packages Available

According to the pricing of the available packages, they range from $50 to $200 a month. For beginners, this price is quite high, so they can’t afford it. As such, you should consider Cloudways if you don’t have many visitors at the beginning.

Storage Space

Both hosting services offer the same storage space, but their pricing is different. You get 25GB of space and 1TB of bandwidth with the $50 monthly plan. In Cloudways’ $12 plan, you can get the same amount of storage.

Cloudways Vs GridPane: Why Choose GridPane Hosting Over Cloudways?

You may choose GridPane even though Cloudways has the advantages mentioned above!

  • A dedicated WordPress hosting control panel is included
  • Provides multiple stack options (Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed, and MariaDB or Percona).
  • Remote backups can be created at DropBox, Amazon S3, or Backblaze B2
  • Supports high-traffic websites (best for WordPress agencies and developers)

Cloudways Vs GridPane: A Detailed Comparison

The two hosting providers have been described so far, and we hope you have decided which to choose. Still curious about them? These features and benefits are compared in more detail below.

1. Website Speed

In terms of SEO and user experience, website speed is the most crucial factor. A fast-loading website keeps visitors longer than one that takes a long time to load.

A good hosting provider can make a big difference in the speed of your website. When choosing a hosting provider, you should also take speed into account, as it has become a ranking factor on Google.

Cloudways Speed

The speed offered by Cloudways was faster than any other hosting we have tested. The majority of websites run smoothly on both mobile and desktop devices, and we have not encountered any issues with speed. Their PHP 8 is fast, and their optimization is perfect, so they are able to boost speed effectively.

Cloudways Speed
Cloudways Speed

GridPane Speed

A GridPane-hosted website also loads faster, but slightly slower than a Cloudways-hosted site. In terms of speed, there are a number of options, including OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, Nginx, Percona, and PHP server customizations. Large websites and high traffic are better served by this hosting service.

GridPane Speed
GridPane Speed

According to GTMetrix, a Cloudways site loads in 616ms with 100% page speed. On the other hand, the same website on GridPane had a page speed of 93% with a loading time of 1.5 seconds. As a result, Cloudways is the clear winner here in terms of speed.

2. WordPress Optimization

In today’s online world, optimizing your website can help you get more customers by ranking it higher.

The optimization of images, the speed of the page load, and the cleaning of the database are all included in WordPress website optimization.

You should choose a hosting that permits you to perform high-level optimization, in addition to manually optimizing your website.

Cloudways Optimization

In addition to Breeze, an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that clears cache, Cloudways offers great optimization tools. When combined with the Varnish cache, this plugin improves speed even further. When combined with the Varnish cache, this plugin improves speed even further. Caching features are both internal and static, which speed up the loading of pages. In addition to this, one-click actions, block storage, and CloudwaysBOT are some of the notable WordPress features.

GridPane Optimization

WordPress is the only platform that supports GridPane. The company offers multiple options for optimizing websites hosted on its servers. The LEMP7 stack is utilized in this hosting. A MySQL 8 database, Percona, Nginx, and Redis cache are included. They also optimize the site for speed, so it loads quickly.


Users of WordPress can benefit from both Cloudways and GridPane. With both managed and shared hosting, you can easily maintain your WordPress website. So, in the battle of WordPress features comparison , it is a tie beteen the two!

3. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

Let’s not get into the technical details – CDNs are essential for website speed.

The number of visitors to your web pages may cause your website to go down when you get traffic from around the world. CDNs maintain your site speed when you use them.

Cloudways CDN

In addition to Cloudways’ CDN, the CloudwaysCDN provides global performance that rivals the best. With their CDN, you will be able to reach your audience and scale your business with excellent speed. Having this CDN integrated into your web assets will give you access to a variety of features.

GridPane CDN

The CDN feature of GridPane, on the other hand, was something we researched extensively. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a built-in CDN. In spite of this, it provides excellent speed in comparison with other hosting providers who don’t have their CDNs.


You shouldn’t hesitate to choose a hosting with a robust CDN when it comes to CDNs. Through its partnership with Cloudflare, Cloudways offers several features through its CDN. Consider the CDN factor before deciding to go with GridPane.

4. Website Uptime

It is also important to consider uptime when choosing a hosting service. A website’s performance is directly affected by it.

It can be detrimental to your website’s ranking if it suffers frequent downtime. Therefore, continuous uptime is important for website ranking, as a user won’t return.

Cloudways Uptime

Your website will never go down with Cloudways’ auto-healing servers. In addition to Digital Ocean and Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, and Google Cloud are all supported. There is no downtime with these cloud providers since they are the best.

Cloudways Uptime
Cloudways Uptime

GridPane Uptime

The GridPane team provides full-time support with its “360 Preemptive Support” feature. Website uptime is monitored, and when your site is down, it is resolved. Any issues that could disrupt services will be resolved as soon as possible.

GridPane Uptime
GridPane Uptime

Would you prefer an automated recovery system or one that occurs after a person is notified of an issue? It is an automatic process that eliminates any problems as soon as they arise. Therefore, Cloudways is the winner for us again, and you can choose it.

5. Website Security

We cannot ignore the importance of website security, as this is where our vital content resides.

WordPress admin panel access is protected, and your web pages are protected from viruses and malicious attacks.

In addition to login security, dedicated firewalls, SSL certificates, and database protection, all hosting providers provide trustworthy security measures.

Cloudways Security

The security features of Cloudways protect websites from hackers and other threats. Among its features are login, firewalls, database security, two-factor authentication, and bot protection. Their platform ensures the safety of your data by securing their platform end-to-end.

GridPane Security

As well as securing your website from malware and other malicious attacks, GridPane has multiple security options. You can scan your server for viruses with Maldet and ClamAV using their tools. In addition to secure PHP, usernames and passwords, and directory protection, they have a variety of default security features.


The free security options offered by Cloudways and GridPane are equal, so it’s a tie. In our experience, Cloudways has never let us down, and we still trust their services. A winner will not be declared; it’s solely our decision.

6. Pricing Plans and Packages

People who are capable of managing money to invest in their businesses might not be very concerned about price.

In contrast, for individual bloggers, price matters a lot, and they want more features at a reasonable price.

You must consider the package even if the price doesn’t matter to you.

Cloudways Pricing Plans

Pricing plans at Cloudways start at $12 per month and go up to $96 per month. What do you think about this hosting? Try it out for three days before making a decision. There are also unique features in each plan, such as RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc. + Free Astra Pro WordPress theme for one year.

Cloudways Pricing Plan
Cloudways Pricing Plan

GridPane Pricing Plans

Cloudways and GridPane have vastly different pricing. In contrast to Cloudways, Gridpane comes with fewer features for a minimum of $50 per month. Their premium plans come with a 14-day trial period. A customized agency plan is available for companies.

GridPane Pricing Plans
GridPane Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing, Cloudways wins, and we recommend this hosting to people who do not have many requirements. To get started, it’s good to start with its basic package. The GridPane plan is the best choice for companies with multiple websites.

7. Customer Support

Both providers and users need customer support when using online services. Therefore, when choosing a hosting plan, look for reliable support for service maintenance.

Make your final decision based on customer reviews and your own research. Your questions will always be answered by Cloudways and GridPane’s customer support.

Cloudways Support

Customer support is available 24/7 at three levels at Cloudways. Standard support is available to all users, free of charge, via live chat. Furthermore, you can get advanced and premium support, making things easier for you. It is always a pleasure to receive high-quality support from Cloudways.

GridPane Support

Users have access to priority support from GridPane’s team at any time. A member of their account management team will assist you during the migration of your website to their platform. Additionally, they have a knowledge base for learning how things work, and their engineers are always ready to assist.


Cloudways hosting offers an Advanced Support add-on for enhanced support in their services. Furthermore, it includes an extension working as a Senior Support Engineer and Premium Support add-ons. These add-ons are not available in GridPane’s packages.

Cloudways Vs GridPane: FAQs

Is Cloudways hosting right for me?

The most advanced features of Cloudways make it easy for you to use without any worries. Hosting websites and applications is easy with Cloudways’ SaaS platform. Cloudways hosting should be your first choice if you are looking for a reliable and efficient hosting service.

How does Cloudways compare to GridPane?

There is no doubt that Cloudways hosting and GridPane hosting provide excellent services and are both good at what they do. Individual website owners will find Cloudways to be an excellent solution. GridPane is designed to host multiple websites on one server for agencies and companies.

Which has an easier-to-use interface, GridPane Vs Cloudways?

The interfaces of both are user-friendly! Many settings options are clear and unique. Compared to other hosting services, GridPane and Cloudways have exciting control panels.

Cloudways Vs GridPane: Summary

Quite well, then! So far, we’ve compared Cloudways Vs GridPane.

As a result of comparing the features of both hosting providers, we are much more impressed with Cloudways as the best hosting provider. However, for their specific purposes, each is the best.

The Cloudways platform has everything you need to make your blogging journey easier.

The software helps you manage your website efficiently, and you don’t have to do any technical work yourself.

In addition, most people can afford their hosting plans since they are low-cost and affordable.

GridPane hosting, on the other hand, is perfect for agencies and can manage multiple websites simultaneously.

Even the setup is complicated for a novice; it’s best to do a lot of technical work here. You can use GridPane hosting if you wish to move your WordPress website from another hosting provider.

You may have been able to choose between the two best hosting providers based on this detailed comparison.

Are there any queries you would like to ask on Cloudways or GridPane? Feel free to leave a comment.

For small businesses and professional blogs, I always recommend Cloudways hosting as the best hosting.

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