Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2022: 40% Discount On All Hosting Plans For The Next Four Months + Astra Pro FREE for 1 Year

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Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2022: 40% Discount On All Hosting Plans For The Next Four Months + Astra Pro FREE for 1 Year

Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2020

Cloudways Black Friday Deals is live!

This year Cloudways is extending a flat 40% discount + Astra Pro FREE on their merchandise during the Cloudways Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 Deals.

Cloudways Black Friday 2022 Deals

Cloudways Black Friday 2022 Deals

  • Deal: 40% Discount On All Hosting Plans For The Next Four Months
  • Use BFCM promo code ‘BFCM2022’. Promo code is valid till 1st Dec, 2022. So, hurry up!
  • Astra Pro FREE for 1 Year

You can get the most desirable discounts with the Cloudways Black Friday 2022 Deals.

If you are searching for lightning-fast site speed and outstanding customer support, then you should not miss the Cloudways Black Friday deal.

Cloudways takes the crown when it comes to functionality at a reasonable price and the Cyber Monday & Black Friday deal just confirms to be the icing on the cake.

The Black Friday deals 2022 for Cloudways is accessible at a tremendous discount of 40% for 3 months. It will be relevant to all plans.

Cloudways Pricing Plans

Standard Pricing Plans

cloudways standard pricing plan
Cloudways Standard Pricing Plans

Premium Pricing Plans

cloudways premium pricing plan
Cloudways Premium Pricing Plans

How to Activate Cloudways Black Friday 2022 Rebate Offer?

Since a website’s speed is the foremost ranking factor in SEO and can be measured directly, you need to consider upgrading to high-performance hosting seriously.

By shifting to Cloudways hosting, you can see a notable improvement in website execution, and that’s without cutting into your budget and your pocket.

The managed cloud hosting platform presents maximum speed and fool-proof security for your prized WordPress website.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to purchasing your Cloudways Black Friday coupon code.

Step 1: Go to Cloudways Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal page by clicking this link, which will take you to Cloudways Black Friday Deal Page.

Step 2: You will l be directed to the Cloudways official website.

Cloudways Black Friday deals

Step 3: Trial on the “START A FREE TRIAL” button to reach the Cloudways sign up page.

Step 4: Register your name, email address, and other details to generate a new account on the Cloudways platform.

Cloudways Black Friday Coupon Code 2022

Step 5: Add the unique Cloudways Black Friday coupon code “BFCM2022” in the promo code box and tick on the “START FREE” button.

You can also sign up using Linkedin, GitHub, or Google account. Don’t overlook to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before clicking on the tick mark.

Step 6: Once you successfully register on the Cloudways platform, you can launch your server, application, or append team members to collaborate with you.

You can also use the Projects section to sort or categorize your apps into different projects/clients.

Step 7: If you desire to create a new WordPress website or shift an existing project to Cloudways, then you can launch a new server.

You’ll get a 3-day free trial on Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr servers. You don’t reqire to enter your credit card information to get started.

When you consider high performance yet reasonably priced managed WordPress host, Cloudways immediately comes to mind.

The Black Friday deal is one of the best online shopping deals in the United States. If you blow it, you can avail this offer on Cyber Monday.

Step 8: Choose a server size depending on how much resources your site requires to run smoothly.

Launching a Cloudways Server

Step 9: Choose the server location, preferably closer to your target audience, and launch your server.

That’s all. Now, you can install WordPress on the newly deployed server or request transferring your site to the Cloudways platform.

Black Friday Offer 2022 Cloudways Features: Why to Grab the Deal?

1. Site Migration

It introduces your first website to Cloudways from any web host for free and without disrupting your live site hosted on the old host.

So you can relax without bothering about migration complexities & technicalities.

It provides a broad range of CMS to choose from. The sources are reliable, including Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Koken, Media Wiki, PHP Stack, WordPress, and Prestashop.

2. Unbeatable Performance

Uptime is the most vital thing you require from any hosting service. And It doesn’t mislead in that aspect.

The optimized stack, auto-healing servers, built-in CDN, and PHP 7 ready servers result in exceptional performance.

If your server or stack is down, It will go past sending you an alarm and proactively start reviewing.

The built-in cache device includes  Memcached, Varnish, and Redis that improve your WordPress websites’ speed.

Its CDN assists and supports your site in reducing latency and increasing response times when serving a WordPress website worldwide.

It supports PHP 5.6.x and the latest PHP 7.x version, so you can examine compatibility and switch versions respectively.

3. 24x7x365 Customer Support

It implements three levels of customer support to help its users. The first level, Standard Support, is more than adequate for the greatest of the service users.

It’s free and combines 24x7x365 access to Live Chat supervision through any operation on the its Platform.

Every request is routed to an especially trained Support Team member.

One level up, the Advanced Support add-on speeds up response times and initiates up a wider range of Cloudways expertise.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

You get proficient results, deeper application troubleshooting, customization assistance, and proactive monitoring, etc.

The Premium Support add-on is for businesses that operate mission-critical sites.

It proposes all of the Advanced Support features with even faster response times, a dedicated Account Manager, a private Slack channel, and direct phone assistance.

4. Maximum Security for Worry-Free experience

It presents 24×7 real-time monitoring and automatic firewall upgrades.

The support engineers assist users in troubleshooting glitches and struggle with plugins and themes.

Besides, It offers free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, which should be considered primary data protection if you propose to sell products.

A dedicated server IP and Firewall imposes the security. The plans additionally include a free SSL certificate, server auto-healing, and regular security patching.

With that and automated backups, security threats are history.

5. Easy & Free Backups

It implements automated backups. It could be set up the automatic backup frequency on an hourly basis.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

You can easily obtain your data without any cost and backup your whole data in just one click.

Many other service providers decline to provide this feature. This gives a preeminent edge along with all its impressive features.

HURRY! Don’t Miss Out On The Deals

Cloud-based hosting platforms are complex but It is quite uncomplicated to use.

The hosting platform provides digital agencies and e-commerce businesses flexibility and selection in how websites are hosted.

SSD disks offer highest speed and security than traditional disks while supporting modern websites’ demands.

The Black Friday offer makes the deal even more reasonable. So don’t waste more time.

Seize the Black Friday 2022 deal of Cloudways. Or you can also avail the offers on Cyber Monday.

FAQs Related to Cloudways Black Friday Deals

Here are few generally asked questions you might require to know regarding Cloudways Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount offers.

1. What is Cloudways?

It is one of the most reliable, economical, and affordable managed cloud hosting providers that sustain various CMS, e-commerce software, and many other applications.

2. How much would Cloudways cost a buyer?

It’s hosting plans commence from $10 per month for 1 GB RAM and 25 GB Disk Storage. You can mount up your plan by appending extra resources as your website evolves.

3. What exactly is cloud hosting, and how does it work?

A cloud hosting is a virtual server rather than a physical server that operates in a cloud environment. Cloud hosting shares your data among multiple servers that can be reached remotely through a cloud computing platform via the internet.

4. Does Cloudways offer a free trial?

Yes, it offers a 3-day free trial; no credit card is needed. You can start a host app, new server, including WordPress, and if you desire to proceed with it, you can simply upgrade to one of its premium plans. 

5. How can I get Cloudways Black Friday Deal?

You can tour its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale page and utilize the unique promo code “BFCM2022” to get 40% off on all plans for the first four months. 

6. Is Cloudways worth buying it? 

Yes, it allows managed cloud hosting at affordable pricing and more affordable than many managed WordPress hosting services. You can additionally get 3X faster speed, free SSL, free migrations, build-in CDN, and 24/7 technical support. You won’t lament purchasing it’s Black Friday deals.


Cloudways is the best-in-class web hosting provider with some great features. 

Remarkably fast speed, bulletproof security features, managed support, and pay-as-you-go pricing that does not bind you into long-term contracts. 

Many other advantages make Cloudways Black Friday deal a comprehensive value for money package.

People concerned about their site speed and performance will see this offer as one of the biggest Black Friday web hosting deals of 2022

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