Cloudways + Astra Pro – Best Partnership To Design Engaging WordPress Sites

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Cloudways + Astra Pro – Best Partnership To Design Engaging WordPress Sites

In my capacity as a proud user of Cloudways hosting for the past six years, I am excited to inform you of some exciting news.

Astra Pro, one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time, was partnered with Cloudways, the king of managed WordPress cloud hosting, last week.

I’d be delighted to share more information about this integration with you! 

If you want to build a robust business or blog site using WordPress, choose a reliable hosting service with maximum uptime and a fast, highly customizable theme.

The combination of these two exciting things would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

Cloudways + Astra Pro: Excellent WordPress Partnership

Here are some benefits of collaboration between biggies! 

  • Cloudways offers a free Astra Pro bundle with any cloud hosting order. Therefore, it is possible for you to
  • Get access to pre-designed templates of the Astra theme that can be fully customized
  • With zero coding skills needed, you can design a high-performance professional website.
  • The lightweight WordPress theme will make your site load faster
  • Use the superfast theme for unlimited sites and save $59
  • Make eCommerce stores that convert well and provide the best shopping experience.
  • Don’t waste your time searching for a WordPress theme that makes your life easier. 

By signing up for Cloudways, you will be able to build attractive websites for your brand awareness and provide the best user experience through a one click Astra Pro WordPress theme installation. 

Cloudways Hosting: What Makes Cloudways Hosting a Good Choice?

My guess is that you have been reading or subscribing to my posts for some time.

Since Cloudways servers are simple, flexible, and scalable, we highly recommend them for long-term business websites and blogs. 

We have been using the Vultr high-frequency server through Cloudways since last year (earlier, we used the DO server).

As far as performance and uptime are concerned, I am very pleased! We are ranking high for many high-competitive keywords on our blog, which passes the web vitals assessments. 

Cloudways partners with amazing digital products such as Cloudflare, Divi, SERanking, and OptinMonster to create engaging websites.

Learn about the Cloudways Partnerships so you can see how much they care about their customers. 

Cloudways is also recommended for the following reasons

  • Site speed has been improved by optimizing the stack.
  • Compared to other managed hosting services, they offer more bandwidth and storage space.
  • Enterprise-grade performance with Cloudflare CDN integration. 
  • Promo codes with high discounts and affordable pricing plans
  • Security features include two-factor authentication, SFTP login access, and OS level patching. 
  • A knowledgeable support team is available via live chat and ticketing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Astra Pro Theme: Why Should You Use It?

The Astra Pro theme might seem a bit strange at first, but what makes it so special? Fast loading websites are made possible by Astra, an ultrafast WordPress theme.

With it, you can create any type of eye-catching website since it is highly customizable. 

There are many advantages to using this fastest WordPress theme, including 

  • High user engagement with attractive header designs and footer widgets.
  • To construct a readable website, use page headers and spacing controls.
  • Integrated WooCommerce for appealing web stores.
  • Enhanced call-to-actions with trendy design blog and site layouts.
  • Make your brand stand out with custom layouts. 

Now let’s see how Cloudways hosting can give you Astra for free!

The Astra Pro Theme: How To Install It On Cloudways?

Follow the step-by-step instructions for free installation of Astra premium if you are already using Cloudways. The process is actually quite simple, despite what it may seem like!

Step 1: Navigate to the Cloudways Menu >> Grid Symbol >> Add-ons >> Astra Pro. Follow this process.

Astra Pro Add ons
Astra Pro Add ons

Step 2: Navigate to the Edit button >> then on Subscribe

Check your registered email id for a mail from cloudways. Click the Astra Dashboard link in the email you received from Cloudways

email from Cloudways
Email from Cloudways

Step 3: Next, you shall be directed to the Astra Store website, where you can create a password for your new account. Once that is done, you will be taken to the Brainstorm force profile page.

Step 4: Install the Astra Pro plugin from the Brainstorm force store >> Account >> Downloads

Step 5: Once again, click on Account >> License >> Copy the License key

Step 6: look to the right side of your WordPress Dashboard, click Astra Pro and paste your License key

That’s all there is to it! A world-class best WordPress business theme has been successfully installed on your website.

Cloudways & Astra Pro – FAQs 

1. Is it true that Astra Pro comes free with Cloudways hosting?

YES. When you sign up for Cloudways hosting, you will receive a year’s free subscription to Astra (worth $59).

2. Are you able to use Cloudways’ Astra premium theme on multiple sites?

YES. The Astra Pro theme can be used on an unlimited number of websites. 

3. Does the partnership between Astra Pro and Cloudways increase site loading speed?

Cloudways is the fastest hosting service, and Astra is a feather-light theme built for speed. With this fantastic teamwork, it is possible to create blazing-fast web pages. 

4. How can this association benefit everyone?

It is possible to take advantage of this offer if you have decided to purchase Cloudways hosting and wish to design interactive websites with great user interfaces. Additionally, if you use the free version of Astra + Cloudways hosting and want to test the paid features, you can do so for free.

5. Do existing Cloudways users qualify for this offer?

Astra is a paid theme, but Cloudways users can download, install, and use it for free for one year. A monthly fee of $4 should be paid if you wish to use the service unlimitedly.

Conclusion: Cloudways + Astra Pro Partnership

Customers of Cloudways as well as new customers can access the premium version of the Astra theme for free through a partnership with Astra theme. For unmetered websites, this offer is valid for one year.

Building eye-catching websites and high-converting e-shops is easy with this remarkable hosting and theme collaboration! 

I have also explained above how to install the Astra Pro theme on the Cloudways platform.

This exceptional offer will boost your site loading speed score by under 1 second for both new and existing customers.

If you use another hosting service, I suggest you try this combo for mind-blowing performance. 

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