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  • Deal: Bluehost Black Friday Deal
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Choice Plus Plan starting at $4.95/mo* for 36 months.

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There are several Web hosting businesses out in the market, and everyone has its pros and cons.

I regularly deal with web hosting for WordPress, and when it happens to be shared hosting, many businesses attempt top-notch hosting a WordPress blog. 

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Bluehost is one such hosting firm.

Bluehost has forged a name for itself with exceptional server performance & in the past 16 years, they have offered a lot to the WordPress eco-system.

Today I will be dealing with detailed and comprehensive review of Bluehost hosting, and you can determine if this hosting is appropriate for you or not.

Being a blogger, I know that some important things that we search for in a web hosting service are:

  • Reliability and security to keep site forever running
  • Cost affordability so that it doesn’t twist up our budget
  • Support when we encounter technological issues.
  • Hardware and tools trying to ensure we are utilizing the best server quality

Review of Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost Black Friday

Bluehost administers various hosting packages, including VPS hosting, shared hosting, WordPress managed web-hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Bluehost’s shared hosting package is excellent for your brand-new blog & it arrives in 3 separate packages.

Before I get into detail concerning Bluehost, let me commence with the basics.

As a WordPress blogger, whenever I assess a hosting company, I gauge its utility based on numerous parameters given below:

  • Hosting optimized for WordPress
  • Pricing
  • Disk space
  • Email
  • Ease of use
  • Custom Support

I will further explain all this below, allowing you to evaluate whether Bluehost is right for your blog.

How Reliable Is Bluehost Hosting For WordPress?

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Black Friday Deals 2020

My primary interaction with Bluehost happened in 2009 (and I’m still utilizing it in 2020!) when I transferred my customer from BlogSpot to WordPress.

Bluehost’s straightforward installation and friendly, easy interface enabled me to install WordPress in scarcer than five minutes!

You can understand more further in this guide on how to install WordPress on Bluehost.

The most excellent thing about Bluehost is that their servers are well optimized for a WordPress blog.

This is why they are a top celebrated hosting service on the standard WordPress hosting resource page.

For a reputable WordPress host, apart from managing the latest PHP and MYSQL versions, servers should be configured to manage the extra load that typically transpires with WordPress. 

I can confirm that Bluehost handles it all very well.

In fact, I have observed Bluehost hosting managing traffic up to 20000/day without any downtime at all.

Utilizing Bluehost In-built caching and Cloudflare to expedite up my blog, and suggest the same to you.

Furthermore, you don’t have to bother about installing up your caching system.

Unique Features of Bluehost Hosting

Free SSL Certificate

Google is very earnest concerning netizens’ safety and security. This is the reason they have addressed an SSL certificate as one of the search engine ranking administrators.

It gives a free SSL certificate to every new & current user. SSL Certificate is crucial for any blogger who is beginning a new site on Bluehost or migrating an existing website to Bluehost.

For the new site, it will automatically install & configure SSL certificate.

What I like about it is; a user doesn’t have to be professional to use the SSL (HTTPS version of the site).

Everything is easy and makes it more manageable for them to offer a secure version of the site. It’s absolutely newbie-friendly.

Its shared hosting arrives in 3 separate packages, and you can pick the appropriate one for you according to your unique requirements.

Best Bluehost Shared Hosting Package

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If you require to create only one website, you should purchase the basic package.

If you intend to host various sites, proceed with the “plus” package.

If your requirements guard & site backup pro, you should go for the choice plus package.

Nevertheless, I don’t advocate this package as you can configure the WordPress backup utilizing plugins.

Most users’ proposal would be the “plus” package as it gives everything you require and is an absolute value for money.

With the above unique link, you can get it for as low as $2.95 if you pick up the basic package for three years.

You will also be receiving one free domain, which will assist you to conserve even more money.

There are also several free goodies like AdWords credits, which will encourage you to get the greatest value for your money. You could pay your bills via PayPal or credit card.

For personalities working from home, guard is vital for safeguarding your privacy.

You don’t desire strangers to identify your home address and phone number. In this case, seize the prime package for 2 years or 3.

How Much is the Per Month Cost of Bluehost?

Depending upon the plan you choose, it could take you from $2.95/month to $4.95/month.

Considering it’s beginning price is applicable only in the first term, you should get hosting for 2-3 years term to make the most out of this special pricing.

Bluehost Recurrent Payment Option

It only extends the following terms for hosting purchase:

  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 60 months

Regrettably, Bluehost does not allow a monthly payment option. Nevertheless, here is a few monthly billing hosting.

Bluehost Uptime

One rule that applies to any reliable hosting is, that your website should never go down owing to hosting issues.

Here Is My Bluehost Website Uptime

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Black Friday Deals 2020

I have discovered mixed reviews about Bluehost Uptime. Fortuitously, my encounter on a Bluehost shared hosting package has been delightful.

With zero downtime in the past 6 months is worth an applaude. The honor goes to their modern server architect development.

Usually, I don’t have high expectations from EIG controlled companies, but it has rolled out to be the EIG-owned hosting company’s black swan.

Nevertheless, it would help if you kept control of how you are creating your website.

Primarily a lot of WordPress users end up using too many plugins, which ultimately leads to the server crash.

How Many Resources Does Bluehost Offer?

It allows unlimited hosting resources. This implies that you can host unrestricted files, (Disk-space) and use unrestricted bandwidth.

Remember, though, that they have several fair usage behaviors and Bluehost limit.

But the fair usage policy limit of it is so high that you will presumably find it the same as “unlimited.”

Unless you are operating an auto-blogging or auto-script, you are very unlikely to approach that limit.

They have a CPU limit, but again that’s high contrasted to other hosting services, and in most circumstances, it will assign you to a more powerful server if required.

How Easy Is Bluehost To Use?

It operates cPanel, which is one of the most trustworthy hosting panels that I have come across.

In 2020 they have renovated their dashboard to make it WordPress centered.

However, you can access cPanel from Dashboard, but presumably, you may never have to use it with a new superior Bluehost dashboard.

Bluehost Dashboard

Just for data, most of the shared hosting businesses utilize the conventional cPanel, and you will not find it painful to use. CPanel tenders maintaining your hosting account more accessible.

Also, it is a precious few shared Web hosting companies that will enable you to access SSH.

As I heard, they are going to upgrade their infrastructure for WordPress constantly.

It also delivers sense as WordPress is now powering over 27% of the websites in the world.

Since it is now WordPress centric, we can expect superior services in coming months.

In-Built Caching Feature

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Black Friday Deals 2020

Another cutting-edge feature of Bluehost is the inbuilt caching feature.

You don’t need to use any 3rd party caching plugin with Bluehost hosting like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.

Also, depending on the kind of website you possess, you can configure the caching level.

Is Bluehost Customer Support Good?

Opposed to other hosting services, I would consider its customer support as 4/5. You can reach their support via email, live chat, or telephone.

In most cases, resolution time is 20-45 minutes, which is an average support time for any shared hosting.

Since its servers are optimized for WordPress hosting, you will see that you have very few difficulties with them.

Furthermore, it has been in the hosting business for almost 17 years, a remarkable advantage for any web-hosting company.

In a nutshell, for a cost of $2.95- $5.95/month, it is a dependable hosting company that is excellent for hosting a small or mid-sized WordPress blog.

Bluehost also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with their hosting, you can terminate your account within the first 30 days and get a full reimbursement!

I suppose this review will help you to estimate your alternatives for a dependable hosting service.

FAQ Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2020

Where Are Bluehost Servers Located?

Their data center located at Provo, Utah (USA)

How Much Bandwidth Does Bluehost Offer?

They offer uninterrupted bandwidth. That means you can use limitless bandwidth as long as you are using the hosting for normal purposes such as hosting a blog, Website, and so on.

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