8 Best Cloudways Alternatives For Ultimate Site Performance In 2023

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8 Best Cloudways Alternatives For Ultimate Site Performance In

Are you looking for some Cloudways alternatives that promise speed, performance, support, and security?

It is now time for you to pick an excellent hosting service that will take your business website to the next level!

If you are not operating a high-traffic site, you do not have to pay for the advanced plan with Cloudways. Your investment can be redirected to a better Cloudways alternative.

Cloudways Reality Tip:

Here’s how Cloudways works from the perspective of a proud user! Hosting for busy businesses is provided by this server reseller.

As promised, the support system is satisfactory despite its simple dashboard for kicking off hosting for your website.

Cloudways has been our best hosting for WordPress since 2016, and yes, it has changed our business. In terms of speed, uptime, and Google search engine ranking results, our blogs started performing well.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

The tools and databases of multiple businesses are shared via a remote network on one dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are expensive for small businesses. By sharing tools and resources with similar businesses, the business can reduce expenses and take advantage of features without compromising.

Managing a server no longer requires hiring a physical space!

Since server owners can host on the cloud and businesses can access resources from the cloud, cloud platforms have made server management easier.

In addition, this approach has resulted in lower maintenance charges and more server owners.

There are a few of them, and you can get a $30 discount on Cloudways.

Cons Of Cloudways

There is no doubt that Cloudways is one of the top cloud hosting providers.

As a result of Cloudways’ excellent performance and responsive support team, we are completely satisfied.

  • Your hosting experience can be impacted, however, by a few downsides!
  • Based on what customers have iterated in the past, I have listed down a range of disadvantages you should know about.
  • The domain name cannot be registered.
  • As it is a premium service, you won’t get email hosting
  • The CDN is a paid service. There is a charge of $1 per 25GB.
  • Modifications to the server require root access are denied.

So let’s get started with the substitutes!

Top 8 Cloudways Alternatives I Recommend

In order to consolidate the best Cloudways alternatives. I conducted in-depth research.

You are sure to choose any of the following hosting companies due to their innovative features that will empower you to outrank your opponents.

1. Gridpane

Gridpane Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: Gridpane Hosting

It is highly recommended for WordPress site owners to use Gridpane hosting.

You should opt for this cloud-scalable platform if you are looking to expand from being an individual Site owner to an agency. There is no traffic restriction.

Gridpane’s most attractive feature is the cloud system that is suitable for LMS and WooCommerce. Based on individual needs, users can develop enterprise-capable servers.

Thanks to Gridpane’s server stack, loading times are incredibly fast. The company’s platform is also suitable for heavyweight websites at half the cost and doubles the speed.

Hourly backups are performed by the server, and users can store these backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Backblaze B2.

Security is what makes it even more interesting. In addition to Maldet + ClamAV malware scanners, WAFS, Fail2Ban, 6G WAF, server hardening, and rate limiting, it is also equipped with Maldet + ClamAV malware scanners.

As a result, you do not need to subscribe to third-party plugins to upgrade security infrastructure.

Gridpane’s support team addresses every issue closely, and WordPress experts are available 24/7.

Therefore, instead of Cloudways, you get answers to your WordPress problems from real people.

In addition, Gridpane allows users to create servers from providers like OVH, AWS EC2, and Google Compute and then rent them further without any markup.

You can choose from a range of IaaS providers through Cloudways, but you can’t customize one.

Are you looking for an affordable and responsive service provider like Cloudways? You can solve your problem with Gridpane!

2. Templ.Io

Templ Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: Templ Hosting

The Templ.io platform is powered by Google Cloud Platform and offers managed WordPress hosting.

You can rely on templ.io if you have been a fan of Google cloud server, even though the pricing plans seem more expensive, but guess what, it works as it promises.

See what Templ has to offer in terms of state-of-the-art features.

  1. In addition to Quic, Redis, Brotli, Nginx, WooCommerce, and MariaDB, Templ has integrated Quic, CDN, Redis, Brotli, and Nginx.
  2. Supporting solutions are available for every need. In addition to SSL, account sharing, SSH access through WP-CLI, and daily backups, it has solutions for usability.
  3. No additional charge is applied to Templ’s scanning of websites every 3 minutes.
  4. The software has a dedicated support team, so you don’t have to worry about technical issues.
  5. When you make the choice to expand your business, it is easy to do so since it works on a scalable model.
  6. Managed hosting companies must be reliable enough to meet your needs. The competitive advantage of Templ lies in this aspect.

3. Rocket.Net

Rocket Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: Rocket Hosting

When it comes to WordPress sites, choose Rocket.net blindfolded! This is a great alternative to Cloudways! Why? Let me explain.

Rocket.net’s user-friendly platform is powered by Cloudfare Enterprise and optimized with all the necessary plugins, so you can install WordPress in an instant.

Performance is never compromised, and there is no configuration required.

Rocket.net uses Cloudfare instead of Cloudways, so CDN builds a static site copy automatically for every user.

You can also strengthen your site’s security with Cloudflare.

Real-time malware scanning and patching are another benefit of Rocket.net. Every scan is documented in a transparent business model.

FREE site migration is available with professional support available 24/7.

It is affordable, promising, and reliable to go with Rocket.net if you are running a medium-to-high traffic site.

4. SpinupWP

Spinupwp Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: Spinupwp Hosting

With SpinupWP, you’ll be up and running in no time!

One of the most exciting aspects of SpinupWP is its advanced infrastructure that lowers data risks and server costs.

The cloud hosting provider maintains daily backups, accepts any server with a public IP, spins the server, and configures an SSL certificate instantly.

You can find the special features right here!

  • MySQL/MariaDB, Nginx, Redis, and PHP are installed on SpinupWP’s server.
  • Using Redis objects for automatic caching!
  • User error logs are provided by default.

Compared to Cloudways, SpinupWP has WP-CLI, dedicated configuration for each site, cron job installation, in-app guidance for WordPress users, root access permissions, and connects to own cloud servers.

High-end infrastructure is maintained by SpinupWP without risk or error!

5. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: WPX Hosting

In the world of managed hosting, WPX Hosting is by far the most popular company. Compared to Cloudways, what does WPX Hosting offer better?

While Cloudways stresses features and infrastructure, it emphasizes performance and maintains a 99.95% SLA.

For the first two months, you can use WPX for $2.

There is an astonishingly fast support system with this hosting provider! A real agent can be reached in less than 30 seconds, which is not the case with Cloudways.

Along with malware removal and DDoS protection, WPX Hosting offers free CDN and email services.

You can easily install WordPress and establish your business with the support of the technical team.

Take advantage of WPX Hosting’s managed cloud hosting service and experience unparalleled performance.

6. Closte

Closte Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: Closte Hosting

Managed cloud hosting from Closte is a credible way to host your company’s data. The company guarantees 99.9% uptime and 30-day refunds.

Cloudways is 20x slower than Closte, so Closte is worth every penny.

Automatic backups, speed optimization, and free site migration are some of its most prominent features.

In contrast to Cloudways, Closte is a good choice for starter sites because it provides economical value and good features.

Additionally, all users receive a free SSL certificate.

Be wary of the performance of cloud-based hosting services when choosing one to host your website. With Closte’s infrastructure and strong customer support, you won’t have to worry about performance issues.

7. WP Engine

WP Engine Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: WP Engine Hosting

With an advanced infrastructure, WP Engine provides a fully managed hosting service for sites of varying sizes. A high-end, user-friendly digital hosting platform, it is known for its speed-boosting capabilities.

There are a few areas where WP Engine is better than Cloudways. Here are a few of them.

  1. WordPress-specific WP Engine has 24/7 customer service support for WordPress-related issues.
  2. In the cloud hosting industry, WP Engine is known for its reliability and uptime.
  3. Among the special features are advanced caching and Cloudflare, a content delivery network.
  4. In addition, WP Engine ranks highly for its backup and recovery options, managed WordPress hosting platform, user-friendly approach, and customizable services.
  5. Due to WP Engine’s expertise, any WordPress site owner should choose the latter over Cloudways.

8. Nexcess

Nexcess Hosting
Best Cloudways Alternatives: Nexcess Hosting

Nexcess is one of the best Magento hosting providers. In the future, you may want to scale your site into a full-fledged digital store.

  1. As far as cPanel support, email hosting, and auto-scaling options are concerned, Nexcess performs better than Cloudways.
  2. SSD storage, Nginx, the latest PHP version, and MySQL are all installed on the cloud servers.
  3. Each server is equipped with multilayered caching.
  4. In addition to daily backups and on-demand backups, every user receives free SSL and malware monitoring updates.
  5. You may request Nexcess managed hosting service if you have a Magento-based store. The cost and features make it a good choice.

Cloudways Alternatives 2022: Which Are The Best?

Since 2016, we have been using Cloudways for our blogs and business sites. It is without a doubt the best managed cloud hosting. 

So far, we haven’t encountered any problems! It is important to note that Cloudways’ support team is very responsive during our difficult times.

Don’t think we are against Cloudways as we list the Cloudways Alternatives; we recommend it for dedicated businesses that need reliable hosting.

It depends on the person what they expect and what their requirements are! For your online projects, we can recommend the best servers based on our experience in the digital field. 

I highly recommend Gridpane and Templ hosting from the list of Best Cloudways Alternatives.

You can beat your business competitors with both super fast hosting providers that perform well in search engine ranking results. 

Despite their high-speed, state-of-the-art servers and big budget pricing plans, I would recommend buying them.

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8 Best Cloudways Alternatives For Ultimate Site Performance In 2022

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