BeLive TV Black Friday Deals 2023

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BeLive Black Friday Deal is live!

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Are you employing Facebook Live to sell your business?

Have you desired it to have more innovations and abilities?

Well, now it does! We introduce to you for Facebook Live

So what is BeLive tv?

This user-friendly web software authorizes you to involve your Facebook audience with numerous live video formats.

Ques and Ans Format or Solo

This format allows you to communicate with your audience with questions you answer in real-time.

Questions from your viewers are typed into a “chat” area and emerge on the screen.

Through BeLive tv, you can promptly answer your audience’s questions.

It’s a great chance and app to convert viewers into buyers as trust is built in real-time.

Face to Face Interview

Face to face interviews is as easy as a snap of your fingers. You can conduct the interviews in various styles.

Your guest doesn’t require to download and install the software. Just click on the link invite from the host, and BeLive starts in the browser.

Viewers can participate from their mobile phones, laptops, or computer.

Conduct a Talk Show

You can utilize a single camera or even share a split-screen with your guest!

Your guests and fans can partake in the “lobby” in 2 clicks. One interaction includes up to 3 people on the screen and 10 guests.

Why would you employ BeLive for your business?

BeLive gives you several capabilities that the normal Facebook Live doesn’t can’t offer.


Unlike other live steaming apps, enables you to schedule and set up your broadcast previously.

If you possess a Facebook group, a pop-up with an image (if assigned), a summary,  and a scheduled start time will display in your group.

All group members will recognize it in their newsfeed. They require to click on the button to view when the broadcast will go live.

Easy to set-up and user-friendly

Who needs to rack their brain over every single detail? With you don’t have to.

It’s super easy to set up. After signing up, you’ll get a message through Facebook Messenger.

The choices are reliant on the type of broadcast you want to use. You additionally get 3 tutorial videos that are manageable to follow. is effortless to use. You don’t require any specialised training to use this app.

Screen comments

This feature permits you to speak directly to your viewers whenever you go live. You’ll be able to their comments on your screen on the right side.

Share photos

You can additionally share photos from your Facebook page with your viewers through

Photo sharing in any presentation can be vital, particularly if your images are a screen show. Pictures speak a louder than words.


Create your broadcast into readily digested segments with an on-screen agenda.

Screen updates

Just like news or professional performance, permits you to add text to your performance to include a guest or an idea.

Using Screen Share Feature

You can easily share your screen with your viewers/audience with BeLive. Screen share is excellent for tutorials or conducting classes.

Change the viewing mode

If you require to focus on a person throughout your broadcast, you can do that with BeLive. gives you advanced ways to interact with an audience.

It goes beyond Facebook Live and provides users additional features and capabilities that make retailing your business with live video seamless and easy.